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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Every Champion Was Once a Contender That Refused To Give Up-Rocky Balboa PLP Goals Max Amerl Get into a SASI volleyballdevelopment squad By trying my best and thinking about exactly what Ineed to do (technique) (Medium/Long Term-Personal) Achieve an "A" gradein math by studying hardand ensuring I complete my work(Short Term) Achieve a "B" grade or higher in PLP by ensuring I complete my works andhand it up on time(Short/Medium Term) Achieve multiple"A" grades Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight -Stephen Bush My Goals Goal Revision in assignments by ensuring my work is of high quality and handedin on time(Short Term-Learning) Get a high ATARby studying hardand striving to domy personal best(Long term) Enjoy learning different topics(Short/Long Term-Learning Goal) The goals above were revised with my parent. Comments given included:- Is your goal really to only achieve "one A"- Do you have other medium term goals in science or music?- What about having fun at learning?The above goals were then modified and added to with the addition of the goals to enjoy learning, become morefluent in physics and robotics/electronics and to learn more songs forguitar. The goal for achieving an "A" grade was modified to showingthat my goal was to achieve more than one "A" grade. Learn more songs for guitar through participating in the music adventure space and practising hard(Short/Medium Term Goal-Learning) Become more fluent in physicsand robotics/electronicsby studying hard and learningthrough building electronics projects (Short/Long Term-Learning)
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