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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 WEEKS PLAN THURSDAY 04.12 The planSigne's evaluation FRIDAY 05.12 IELTSHEM Bologna, HEM interviewshooveringElizabetelaundry, ironingread Halliday & write simple definitions SATURDAY 06.12 Plan psycho research & make a quick pptWrite ppt for PublicSp SUNDAY 07.12 MONDAY 08.12 Make speech pptContinue Halliday & writingsimple definitionsRead testing article and do statisticsDo teaching computer things Beginners plan / Iveta lessonCartridgePragma analysis + ppt (CfInn)Psycho speech TUESDAY 08.12 Print for ElementaryContinue Halliday & writingsimple definitions+ Add James+ Add Bachman+ find [1] article for each type Interview program directors1st PI lessonPlan pragma research to ask questions WEDNESDAY 09.12 THURSDAY 11.12 FRIDAY 12.12 SATURDAY 13.12 9:00 CoffeeInn MA add 3 more articlesto each typelunch, dishes, hoover, bathroomElizabetelaundryIveta lesson I & IIPlan pragma individual analysis IELTS?Rewrite the Cohesions Chapter& write conclusions for itDevise a model % find software SUNDAY 14.12 Do individual pragma analysis and make pptWork on HEM project MONDAY 15.12 Mark IELTS?Write pragma paper TUESDAY 16.12 Prepare test portfolio ppt WEDNESDAY 17.12 Re-read and edit pragma, prepare to speakAssess Kristīne and submit on Thursday THURSDAY 18.12 Study how to build a corpus FRIDAY 19.12 9:00 CoffeeInn Start building your corpusPreliminary analysisHouse cleaningElizabete SATURDAY 20.12 2. By 21.12 I'll have finishedwith pragmalinguistics and public speaking. 1. By 21.12 I'll have finishedthe cohesion chapter, I'll knowmy theoretical framework, andhow to build a corpus, and I'll have started. 3. By 21.12 I'll have fixedthe situation with Iveta.4. By 21.12 I'll have solid grounds for the exams. learn speechprepare for the pptdo the pptdo the speechIveta lesson II What you tell yourselfevery day, will eitherlift you up, or tear youdown. Diamond is a chalk of coalthat did well under pressure. Discipline is choosing betweenwhat you want NOWand what you wantMORE
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