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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Piggy is one of the main characters. He's a young boy who lost his parentsat a young age. He follows the rules and learns a lot about himself and the horrors of life on this island. He is loyal, caring, witty, smart, and wise. Advocate Address Promote ModelEngagePromote Piggy "My auntie told me not to run."(9) Piggy is a child who is probably picked on for his size,glasses, and etc,so he relies on adults to shelter him and keep him safe from all themean and hurtful comments, but on the island he has no one to keep him away from all the mean and hurtful things in life Piggy touched Ralphs wrist,"come away. There's going to be trouble and we've had our meat"(151) Piggy is a very caring person, especially when it comes to Ralph.In this quote especially he knows it's best if they just leave and go back home. Piggy wants Ralph to stay safe because in Piggy's mind since he is veryloyal still believes that Ralph is chief. "Now then. Whats your name?" As said before, Piggy is a very caring and thoughtful person. He cares about everyone. He takes very goodcare of the littluns, especially when they are scared, and this was a great example for that. "what about my hunters" (125) says jack "Boys armed with sticks"(125) says piggy This quote showed kind of a new side of piggy. At the beginning of LOTF Piggy is a boy who wouldn't say what he truly wanted to say. Towards the middle of the book he finds a voice in himself and says what he really wants to say. "I got the conch" (101)Says Piggy "Conch! Conch!" (101)says Jack PIggy is a very loyal person,especially to Ralph and the conch. No matter what happend he alwaysthought of Ralph as chief and the conch as a symbol of authority.He always stands by the rules of the conch. Piggy also likes order "Let him have the conch!Let him have it!"(35) As said before piggy is loyal and likes when everything is in order. For him in order for everything to be in order at an assembly isif they use the conch as a talking item, whoever has it speaks. "I got the conch! You let me speak" (42) As always piggy is trying to get people to think the same way that he does when it comes to the conch. Piggy is a very smart kid so he always hasgood ideas and tries to say them, but no one listens to him ever. "Do alright on our own"(132) Piggy is always a pretty positive character. He tries to make the best out of a bad situation, while they are all alone he says this quoteto make things sound better. "I know. They didn't come for the conch.They came for something else. Ralph- what am I going to do?" (168) Piggy was almost always a target,especially when it comes to jack. Jack had it out for Piggy since the beginning. Maybe Piggy was the target because he was standing between Jack and Ralph. "Ralph don't leave me!"(176) Piggy always trusts Ralph no matter what situation. In this situation Piggy was trusting Ralph with is saftey and practically his life.No matter what Piggy trusted Ralph.
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