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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Added value by improvising the process and AutomationPMO team grew from 1 to 7 FTEs over a year resoucesidentified IMPACT 3 FTE used reports 62 hrs. of work 72 3.7 FTE > Providing improved services and more scope of SM Products>Standardizing reporting across contracts>Focus on Automation>Projected saves of $3k through automation>Projected saves through BSS SM FTE release - $20K annually. 622 BENEFITS 1. 2. NUMBERS FTE Released (GCD-BMS) 2 0.7 FTE Absorbed $8.8k/Yr. 1 Pharma Integration Project Pharma Integration Project Identified 62 resources from operations involved in reporting which could be handed over to BSS SM with over 70+ reports and 622 hrs. of work . The initial focus was on continuing the reporting being done by the resources without any major change.3 months spent in transition of reports from operations and released the operational effortEventually standardized SM framework and start products like Governance and IPM with slight customizationPMO product was included as part of scope > Provided the YoY Saves in year 1 totaling to $6.7K (FY13)> Saves through automations resulted in $18K saves in FY14> Opportunities for Growth - (5 promotions since FY13)> Onshore transition of PMO work of 1 FTE> Supported projects for operations (e.g. Contrail renewal, CTS saves, Pyramid slandering, Roster Management, ) $15.7k/Yr. ARDS 1 FTE Release $7k/Yr. $5.6k/Yr. Saves on hiringTransitionSharePoint Combined Saves $37.3K /Year
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