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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PEST Analysis Political Economical Social Technological 'Rapidly evolving technology in the logistics sector maymean many firms risk being left behind competitors with more staff and younger workers needed to ensureemployers can keep up to speed, new findings show.' 'Growth in the UK services sector slowed to a three-month low in September amid suggestions that therecovery may be "losing its legs".' 'Small firms are still struggling to access cash fromthe banks.' 'As bank lending continues to fall, SMEs areincreasingly turning to alternate forms of finance.' There have been rapid innovationsin the courier industry, such as mobileincabs providing live updates to thedrivers around their routes. Other innovations are being introducedin the logistics sector that will benefit both TNT as an organisation and mostimportantly their customers. Examplesinclude a live feed of where a parcel ison its journey and the ability to plan driver routes dynamically. The requirement for courier services will alwaysbe essential to hundreds of companies across the UK.Subsequently, there are minimal social external situations that could fundamentally effect the TNToperations. However, with newer technologies, TNTcan always introduce young employees to match thehigh rate of innovations in the courier industry. 'Nick Clegg states Taxes "must" be increasedto cut the deficit after the next general election.He also confirmed plans to collect a "mansion tax"on high value properties through new council taxbands. The deputy PM told the BBC this wouldraise £1.5bn, which would be used to reduce thenational debt.' Even though this may not directly impactTNT's operations, employees may feelpressured financially due to the need to pay more tax.
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