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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 d Madi Ambrosepersonality type-ESFPPeople like you are usually easygoing, friendly, and happy-go-lucky. You are curious and outgoing so you meet new friends wherever you go. Active, talkative, and uninhibited, you have fun at whatever you are doing and seem to bring energy and life to any situation. Naturally down-to-earth and unpretentious, people love your sincere and generous nature. You have a lot of friends, and love to laugh, and you rarely like to sit still for very long. You may also enjoy animals, being outdoors, and playing sports or other kinds of games. You are very observant and like to surround yourself with objects of beauty. And you love surprises!You are also sensitive, affectionate, loyal, and devoted to your friends and family. Rarely do you see anything but the most positive qualities in other people, so you may be disappointed when people aren't as nice as you think they are. You have a big heart and feel things deeply, even if you don't always show it. Responsive and spontaneous, you don't like a lot of rules restricting your freedom. But you are sometimes disorganized and find yourself running behind on projects. You are easily tempted by any opportunity to do something fun so you may unintentionally let other people down, though you are quick to apologize as well as forgive. But while you are flexible and casual about many things, when it comes to your personal values, you may hold your ground with surprising strength. WHICH BLACKBERRY ANDROID SERIOUS? IPHONE DO YOULIKE IT? ARE YOU GET AN NO YES d
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