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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Computer Gaming vs. Console Gaming There are 75 Million Users on Steam. Steam is the largest distributor for games. Steam has over 781 million games from any genre imaginable. PC Gaming is limited to the parts the rig has. Therefore everyone isn't on the same level and is more competitive. PC's have more Horse Power and last longer than consoles. However, they can be expensive to start PC Gaming. PC's are constantly evolving into something new. PC's are also better for Independent Developer's. Also, PC games have more Free-to-Play games that are constantly updated. No controller is needed. Also, Modding has bigger capability. Sadly, they are bigger than consoles. Console Gaming PC Gaming Limited to Manufacturer.Certain games aren't allowed on said Console.Frames Per Second are usually locked.Cheaper than a PC.More compact than a PC. Barely any modding potential.If you can mod it, it is a more elaborate system than modding with PC. More Loading time.Has limited memory in comparison to a PC. With a PC you can easily install a new Hard Drive. The onlineMultiplayer is more limited and most console server don't have an Admin on the servers. Internet Browsing is horrible, if you need a Wikia or a Walkthrough you might as well pull out a laptop.Finally, if you want an upgrade to your console, you can't do that until the manufacturer comes out with a new console or offers an upgrade. A controller is almost always needed.
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