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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Destinationset Pre-Colombian Civilizations Minjae Kim Maya WHEN: 1800 B.C ~ 900 A.D (Peak-250 A.D)WHERE: Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, BelizeGOVERNMENT: Divided into City-States, each had own rulerRELIGION: Polytheistic, performed human sacrificeH.E.I : Burn down forests, plant crops. Grew maize (corn), CenotesSOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS: Most were farmers, there were kings and priests.MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS: Built a 365 day calendar, created the number 0.LITERATURE & ARTS: Used hieroglyphics (codices), built pyramids, human sacrifice, Pok-A-Tok gamesMAJOR CITIES: Chichen Itza, Altar de Sacrificios, Tikal, CalakmulDECLINE REASONS: Theories- Overpopulation, Invasion, Revolt, Disease, Disaster Aztec WHEN: 1200 A.D ~1521 A.D (Peak- 1300 A.D)WHERE: MexicoGOVERNMENT: An empire, had one ruler.RELIGION: Polytheistic, main god-QuetzalcoatlH.E.I: Built chinampas then farmed maize, squash, beansSOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS: Ruler, nobles, priests, military leaders, judges, governors, warriors, traders, farmers, slavesMAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS: Artificial Islands, CalendarLITERATURE & ARTS: Hieroglyphics called Nahuatl, Built Pyramids, a lot of sacrifices (250,000 per year) MAJOR CITIES: Tenochtitlan (capital)DECLINE REASONS: Hernán Cortés, a spanish conquistador conquered the Aztecs. The Aztec ruler thought he was Quetzalcoatl Destinationset Inca WHEN: 1100 A.D~1532 A.D (Peak-1400 A.D)WHERE: Ecuador to ChileGOVERNMENT: One ruler, he owned everythingRELIGION: Polytheistic- Inti was the main god, god of the sunH.E.I: They built terraces in the mountains and farmed there. Also made aqueductsSOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS: Ruler, queen, officials, priests, royal messengers, warriors, farmersMAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS: Channeled water using aqueducts to create farms, roads worth 1900 mi.LITERATURE & ARTS: No form of true writing, used quipu to keep account of things in storageMAJOR CITIES: Machu Picchu, Cuzco (Capital)DECLINE REASONS: Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incan Empire
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