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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 You told us what you thought... thought it waseffective Others thought we should work on the technical operations Personal Best survey results Personal Best survey results 93.6% Your opinion matters 42.6% 48.9% 8.5% Much better than I expected! Disappointing Did exactly what it said on the tin What did you think of the guide & communication? What were your overall impressions? Are you confident about achieving your goals? Not so sure 40.4% 12.8% 46.8% Heres what some of you had to say I'm confident I have absolute faith "Really simple to complete. Enjoyed the process and how easy it was to use. Also helped me create very clear objectives & goals of which some are already completed." "It was great to focus on my goals and talk them through with my Manager.I found the process to be positive and energising." "I liked the direct, down to earth approach to the process." "I have a great relationship with my manager and the discussion was incredibly upbeat and I came out feeling very inspired." "I felt the scoring was too rigid - we should have been scored on six individual categories." Describe your Personal Best experience Some things we've learned and will work on for next time Improve the technical process within the HR Hub. Weve already met with the people at Cascade to tell them all the things we would like to be better within the Personal Best process and they are working on these now. Allow you to assess yourself and others on our Values and our Mission as 6 individual categories instead of 2. Weve made this change already and are testing it now.Provide more notice to you and your manager to allow plenty time to prepare and carry out your meetings. Most people like the question on the Personal Best Life Goal. Great; we will keep this in and keep it to just the one question. Ensure that goals and development objectives are tracked and followed up on regularly by managers and individuals themselves. This is where you come in to be pro active and keep your Personal Best plan alive. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing some tips for people to manage and track their PB progress. Remember, no one will serve up success and reward to you on a plate you have to earn it by delivering your Personal Best. Go for it! Thank you for taking part in our survey. Your feedback is always important to us to help us develop our people processes so we are the best we can be.
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