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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PRESENTATION DESIGN COMMUNICATION STRATEGY When you leave you will: This highly individualized program guides participants tounderstand what they feel most passionate about. It thenteaches them to craft their go-to-market message and how to communicate it powerfully. At the core of all high-impact, inspiring communication ispassion and conviction. Without it, all we have is informationthat must be analyzed, sorted, categorized,second guessed,and understood before any action has taken place. Passion Based Message CONNECT TO THE CORE DELIVERY Encore focuses on three areas: Teresa tailors the groups sessionsto each individual, giving amplefeedback and guidance for each unique presentation. Encore intertwines methodology (presentation design) andtools to understand your authentic self to create superb communication. After the three day program you will: Have a snapshot of your situation double click to change this title text! Improve results by 25% Greater confidence Greater connection to your audience A presentation design Know yourstrengths and weaknesses Eliminate presentation anxiety Identify the cost of having no message Know how toreach & engage higher-end prospects Create your story & the right message Understand how to use the messagein your marketing & sales materials Discover what drives you in life & business Create value for your prospects & clients using your story Have the toolsto create powerful presentations
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