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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 This trial required the completion of 10 maximal effort 20m sprints whilst wearinga heart rate monitor. The athlete performed a sprint every 30, e.g if the athlete took4 seconds to sprint they had 26 seconds recovery, this was repeated 10 times. theparticipants heart rate was recorded before and after each sprint as well as the timeit took to run the 20m. The sprint times then allow an average speed to be calculatedthis the participants average speed for the sprint can be calculated. Unsuccessful In football the speed of a player is extremely important whether in defenceor attack as it allows a player to reach the ball first or shut down an oppositionplayer quickerIf a player takes a long time to recover from this high intensity exertion thenit can lead to the player being out of position later in the play. As a result perhapsmore important than a players top end speed is the ability of a player to perform repeated sprints as close to their top speed as possible.The repeated sprint test is will allow us to see the rate of heart recovery of a playerand also the reduction in a players top speed having carried out a series of sprints. Rate of Recovery How to Improve Results Repeated hill sprints-FInd a hill that will take around 15 seconds to run up. When you reach the top turn and walk back down taking between 60 and 90 secondsto reach your starting point. You must then repeat the sprint 6-8 times in total. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)-There are various forms of HIIT e.g tabata, Gibala.However the general idea is the same that you perform maximum intensity exercise fora period of time then rest to allow yourself to recover. For Tabata it is 20secs exercise 10secs rest and the Gibala protocol is 60 seconds intense exercise and 75secs rest Intro Method Resisted Sprint Training-There are a few methods to increase resistance when runningyou can either use a weighted sled and attach it to the runner, use a parachute or a holds a bacnd around the runner and pulls on the runner thus adding resistance.
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