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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should it be Approved? Only 2 States But who would want to Kill themselves? What are my Opinions? Our natural body clock is responsible for many functions of the human body,such as:- Digestion and appetite- Sleep quality and duration- General mood Its About whether or not people who are sick with a deadly disease should be able to obtain a drug from a doctor or physician that will put people out of their misery and kill them in a painless, peaceful way. Last year in Holland, where voluntary euthanasia is permitted, over 40 people sought and received euthanasia for depression or other mental illness. In April, a 47-year-old Dutch mother of two was granted her wish to die because of long-standing tinnitus (ringing of the ears). In late 2012, 45-year-old congenitally deaf twins were euthanized in Belgium rather than face the prospect of losing their sight. S.A.D is usually most severe between December-February Only 2 States in America have allowed physician assisted suicide. These States are, Washington and Oregon. states that are soon to allow it are, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. If you think you may be having thoughts of P.A.S consult your DoctorThey can help you decide on the best course of treatment. Consult your doctor if you are experienceing: There is a Debate Although most common during winter months,S.A.D can also be experienced during the summer Phisician Assisted Suicide Symptoms include:- Tiredness and lack of energy- Problems sleeping- Tearfulness, feelings of sadness, guilt, sometimes despair- Anxiety- Panic attacks- Feeling antisocial; irritability- Mood swings- Problems concentrating- Loss of libido I do although agree that there only has to be a VALID reason to actually use physician assisted suicide, When doctor-induced death becomes an accepted response to the suffering of dying people, logical extensions grease the slippery slope.
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