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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 90% Both qualitative and quantitative data reflects the positive impact of buildon program has on student connection to school. This connection to school was also measured in the pre and post surveys where 84% In the 2014-15 school year, buildOn students contributed nearly 194,867 hours of service to their community. Nearly 2,273 students participated in buildOn programming every week. buildOn offers a chance for students be an active member of society while addressing communities concerns, and needs. buildOn students are intent on making a difference in the world. The buildOn program centers on a strong sense of civic engagement that leads to students being connected and involved in the school's academic and social life; serving local community needs; and participating in advocacy, global awareness, and service learning projects. At buildOn, young people have many opportunities to be active leaders for change in their community by serving the homeless, working with younger kids, spending time with elderly and beautifying their environment. Before I used to just learn to get to college and try to get the grades to get to college. But now I am learning cause I enjoy learning, and it opened my eyes to understand that not everyone in the world is fortunate and now I am pushing myself to get more learning opportunities like write resumes and stuff, and go to City College, and take courses and learn more. The results from the pre and post surveys highlight that participation in buildOn has led to an increase in civic engagement for the majority of the students. The post survey (n-1799) score for civic engagement of 90%. The post survey results were then compared with the pre and post surveys results with a t-test analysis and the results indicated that there is a positive relationship between involvement with buildOn and increased civic engagement. In comparing years of engagement with buildOn, the t-test analysis revealed that after just one year, most of the students had high mean changes in feeling more connected to their community providing a space for students to become more active, contributing members of the community. For students who have been with buildOn for more than one year, there were positive mean changes in the students becoming champions for their community, leading to encouraging others to becoming involved, and finding ways to be involved with their community even after buildOn. The t-test analysis of service hours demonstrated that studnents who served a mere 10 hours showed significant improvement in the students feeling a part of a community. This sense of community translated into high mean changes in the students actively looking for ways to become involved in the community.. Civic Engagement When asked about their involvement in various community activities and events, many students expressed that going out into the community and getting involved through a service project helped them to realize that the issue had an impact on them, motivating them in turn to do something about the problem. Similarly, students feel that their service experience leads to an increased awareness of community and societal issues. Students said that buildOn allowed them to feel like they could make a difference in their communities. When asked about their overall experience engaging in service projects, many students primarily reported feelings of happiness and the sheer joy they felt as a result of helping others. Students noticed positive changes in themselves and their attitudes about community service as a result of buildOn. Many students reported that they were nervous about the idea of participating in community service at first,and thought that it would be boring. Some students only joined the program in order to fulfil mandatory service-hour requirements. After participating in buildOn service projects students reported feeling helpful, happy, and grateful for the new opportunities. Many students reported that the service projects were educational experiences and that they were exposed to new aspects of their communities. Students felt a stronger connection to their community as a result of participating with buildOn. Students spend more time volunteering or helping others after coming to buildOn 92%
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