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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 (760) learning opportunities instructional technologies PARTICIPATE WHEN THE INTERESTS YOU! f /TheKielAcademy @TheKielAcademy 3125 Tiger Run Court, B111, Carlsbad, CA now Learn expert blowdrying tips from from founder and Master Stylist, Alicia Kiel, plus simple techniques to maximize your style! EVERY WEDNESDAY! @ 3:20 @ $35 INFOGRAPHICS ONLY ONLY register BOOK BOTHCLASSES FOR ONLY ACHIEVING FINANCIAL FREEDOM Starting this month..... more amazing learn more be even experience new 14th Jan. come play in the digital sandbox What are they? Play with oneGet ideas Brainstorm purposeful ways to integrate into your curriculum PACs DIGITAL SANDBOX ROOM The purpose of this opportunity (room) is to create a dynamic learning environmentwhere can learn and practice using various instructional technologies and tools and have a clear understanding on how they can be embedded into teaching, learning, and assessments. YOU YOUR 502 ROOM t PLAYING Youre active, engaged, and in control the entire time WEEK #1 The PAC Digital Sandbox explores the future of learning through the recreation of 21st Century learning environments. Please feel free to offer sandbox topics as well.I want the learning to be relevant and purposeful for you!
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