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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Period 5 Timeline of Major Events 1789 1928 1833 1776 1861 1791 French RevolutionInspired by the American Revolution and Enlightenment thought the French people rebelled against their monarchy. They successfully overthrew the French monarchy and led to the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. American Revolution The American colonists rebel against their British rulers due to unfair taxes and a lack of representation in parliament, amount other factors. They gain independence from Britain. Women's right to vote in BritainAfter years of fighting for equality women in the Britain are finally are given equal voting rights to men. End of serfdom in Russia Alexander the II of Russia passed the Emancipation Reform of 1861. The Emancipation Reform abolished serfdom in the Russian Empire. Abolition of slavery in the British EmpireAfter a long campaign with unfavorable odds slavery is abolished in the British Empire. Slavery is still legal in America because it is no longer one of Britain's colonies. Haitian RevolutionIn St.Domingue, African slaves rebelled against the French colonists. After a brief pause to fight with France against Britain the slaves defeated Napoleon's forces and declared that St.Domingue was now the Republic of Haiti and abolished slavery. Thesis: While Enlightenment thought led to many revolutions and changes in government, from 1750 c.e to 1900 c.e, the basic principles of Enlightenment did not apply to everyone.
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