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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley Title of the Poem Connotation 1) "sneer of cold command"- the king was pompous and confident. Shift The first shift occurs in line 9 as the words written on the statue reveal the irony of the poem as itencourages its viewers to "look onmy works, ye mighty, and despair." The poem shifts again in line 12 when it states "nothing beside remains." Through this shift, the poem transitions to a blunt tone when describing the vanished empire. Paraphrase Title Revisited Ozymandias is an ancient greek name of Ramses II, a powerful and influential pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Heruled for sixty-six years, and the name Ozymandias reflects the tremendous dominance of the ruler portrayed by the broken statue. Megan Bowling, Mariah Bartlett, Harley Ehland, Katie Jones We asked successful startup founders how they would test a startup idea spending only $50. Finding out fast is the idea behind lean startups. T P C A S T T The title represents the name ofa foreign individual who servesas the main subject of the poem. The narrator meets atraveler who describeshis journey through thedesert. The traveler findsa demolished statue of a powerful ruler, and on theplaque of the statue it states that the statuedepicts Ozymandias. 2) "stamped on these lifeless things"- the king's legacy did not last. This accenuates the idea that all creations of men will be forgotten. 3) "the lone and level sands stretch far away"- A land that once belonged to an influential and powerful kingdom has been reduced to nothing Attitude Shelley's attitude reveals hisbelief that the power of human authority will beovercome by the inevitablepassage of time. His purposeis to convey that the influenceof nature subjugates the existence of men.
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