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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Thrice as Nice: 3-Title Seasons in CIAC History Photos by Republican-American staff. See those big-time team sports? It's much rarer to win multiple titlesin those sports than the rest. We've never seen a football-soccer-soccer,a basketball-basketball-hockey or a baseball-softball-lacrosse triple. Three-Title Seasons in CIAC History, by School Size Of the 13 small-school triples,only seven schools have done it. If any schools out there want to take that as a challenge, feel free. You'd put the debate to rest for good.Why is it tougher to lay claim to the prime sports titles rather than doubling up in track, cross country,swimming or tennis? School size definitely has something to do with it. Most small- and medium-sizedschools aren't big enough to sponsor teams in every sport plus the individual-based ones, so they don'thave as many chances to win. By the same token, individual sports with heavy interest (track and crosscountry, mostly) have more divisional championships than team sports, plus a State Open, so there aremore titles to go around. In team sports with fewer divisions, such as field hockey, lacrosse and boysvolleyball, there are far fewer schools competing in those tournaments than in mainstream tourneys. Small schools don't have as many sports, or as many athletes to goaround. The breakdown by size of schools that have won triple titlesbears out the fact: Small-school trifectas come around far less often. Oh yeah, there's one last detail that might putthe Wolverines' accomplishment over everyother three-way championship in history:Oxford's varsity athletics are years old. five Spring '13: OxfordSpring '12: Northwest CatholicSpring '11: WestonSpring '10: Northwest CatholicSpring '10: WestonSpring '09: WestonSpring '08: WestonSpring '07: WestonWinter '07: WestonFall '00: Granby MemorialWinter '00: SuffieldSpring '99: CoginchaugWinter '94: Wilton Researched and created by Kyle Brennan.CIAC championships data obtained fromrecords at
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