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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Racial Segregation in Maryland against African Americans Early 1800's to 2015 In 1861, when the civilwar came, planters andresidents of Eastern Shore supported slavery whie buisness men and workerstended to support the union. 50,000 troops foughtfor the Union while22,00 fought for theConfederates. Maryland abolished slavery in 1864.After war, slaves were highly prosecuted and they moved to Baltimore where there was a largea large population of free Blacks The Democratic party at this time was not friendly to blacks andSenator Alfred Gorman even welcomed confederates 57% percent of white people that livein Montgomery Countyare white. 17% percent of black people that live in Montgomery County areblack. Unemployment Rates:Mont. Co:7%PG Co: 6.8%Balt. Co: 10.1% African Americans are the onlyethnic/ethnic group for whomwomen represent a larger shareof the employed that do men. Morethan half of the employed blacksn 2011 were women. However, black women, on average have lower wages 1960 Blacks Incarcerated: 4,347Whtes Incarcerated: 678 Blacks Incarcerated: 1,313Whites Incarcerated: 262 there were black politiciansin the south in the 1800's.Scores of African American men served in state or federal governemnt as governers orlieutenant governers as well as congress members and senators oncapital hlll.-many of these leaders were exslaves who wanted to improvethe rights of the African american community. 2 The amount of blackrepresentatives inthe US government in1952 the percent in which blacks have increased their numbers on capitol hill. 2,000% 1861 1864 1952 2011 2010 2015 Owen WrightMs.Melder
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