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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Spay & Neuter Kansas City Pet Outreach & Vaccination Clinics EDUCATION DOGS FAMILY VACCINATIONS INCOME FOOD CATS Our staff and volunteer team approach each underserved area with compassion and a nonjudgmental attitude. Families struggle. We're here to give families the opportunity to maintain the bond with their pet. SHELTER Our team provides shelter for outdoor animals & the resources they need if they would like to bring the pet indoors. Pet owner education is criticalfor improving the lives of pets in our community,reducing shelter intake, and pet retention. In 2014 our team vaccinated & spayed/neutered 4,156 dogs. 85% of our clients rescued their pet from the street. 97% consider their pet "family." In 2014 our team vaccinated & spayed/neutered 5,184 cats. Vaccinating pets help avoid major public health concerns, and provide a barrier between wild animals and humans.Our team vaccinated 8,798 pets in 2014. Our vaccination clinics target the most impoverished areas of Kansas City based on median income. Many of our clients struggle to feed their children; we help their pets through our pet food pantry. We have over 500 clients and have distributed 20 tons of food for family pets. Your $500 sponsorship of our outreach and vaccination clinic ensures that pets in underserved areasof Kansas City receive the care they need to stay with their family and live a happy and healthy life. Our clinics offer low vaccination packages, but your sponsorship allows us to never turn away a client in need because of their inability to pay. We have been a 501c3 nonprofit organization since 2003. Your donation is tax deductible.
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