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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fit & Strong Attack on Bureaucracy! Impact Baseline Baseline 16,383 claims for 2014 Goods in Transit Change Implemented Impact Increase Claims Investigator approvallevel to £750 and Claims Manager levelto £5k (as of 09 Dec 2014) of claims (based on 2014figures) are now approved 'in-house'by the Claims team speeding up thepayment of genuine claims tocustomers and Thanks to the agreement ofDaniel Vines we have reducedour expenditure for Publications& Subscriptions by for 2015. 99.8% Week 10 will see the implementation of volumetric charging on locally cubedincompatible freight. We know that the minimum forecasted revenue gainsfrom this project are As of week 11 we will start to see the actual gains so we can begin to trackthese against the forecasted numbers. Revenue Management improving the customer experience! £56k War on Waste! This project will act as a huge beneficiary to the UK's overall EBIT aspirations for 2015. £25k per week which will translate directly to the bottomline. The of the e-Commerce white labelsolution started this week! The first bookingwas made successfully at 7:24am on Monday2nd March! After 2 days, Revenue sits at£6993.18 with 284 consignments being bookedat an Average RPC of £24.62. GO LIVE Grow in SME Fix the Base Perfect Croydon Depot at theirAM team huddle. Building upfor a strong OPP service level. TITLE Good progress with Perfect Depotcontinues and we are still seeingsteady OPP gains across all sites. Perfect Depot Progress Basildon Dom (+1.22 vs Baseline)Stanstead Dom (+2.01 vs Baseline)Croydon Dom (+1.30 vs Baseline) 96.77% 94.41% 96.55% The "Go/No Go" meeting on the LeicesterRSLC was a success and its been decidedthat we will with total automatedrunning. This will enable us to fully utilise the machinefrom week 11 and start to realise the associated benefits of this. GO LIVE Culture & EVP The pilot sites for Perfect Depot have seen sustainedimprovements. 3 month rolling comparison "Absenteeism % Working Time Lost over 12 months "Standard Working Hours Lost
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