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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Outlook Successes Fix the Base Culture & EVP Fit & Strong Users May 2014 Users Feb 2015 Difference -13% 5082 5866 Revenue Management Central communications have been sent out and local appointments have been made in advance of next week's Local Cubing implementation In January 2015 againsta target saving onstationery of £25k,actual savingswere £84k Perfect Depot OPP Performances Basildon Domestic OPP Basildon International OPP (+2.5% vs baseline) (+0.99 vs baseline) Our reduction in Lotus Notes Users, achieved through a rigorous review of dormant accounts conducted bythe UK Finance team, delivered the largest number ofaccounts closed globally and in percentage terms 98.3% 96.54% People continue toshare their TNT Story's on the TNTStory ChatterGroup SAP SRM Purchase Orders FAST Approval Successes - 86,552 orders per year (based on the 3 months Aug to Oct 2014) - Requestor can approve SAP SRM orders up to £250without approval from the cost centre owner (as of 12 Dec 2014) - 50% reduction in SAP SRM Purchase Order financial approval steps(43,576 applicable POs out of a total of 86,552 for the Baseline period) Impact Change Implemented Baseline Grow in SME e-Commerce Project recommendation for go live given to Marianne with allkey stakeholders agreeing to launch. Site has been built, tested and all commscreated for go live in 6 weeks. This is a real achievement to get to go live from6 weeks of the contract signing. Leicester RSLC is Taking Shape
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