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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Revenue Management Outlook Successes Fix the Base Culture & EVP Perfect Depot Feedback Sean Buckley, Depot Manager, Luton said: "It's really positive to see that now the consultants and facilitatorsfrom TNT have moved onto the wider deployment of Perfect Depot, we are still continuing with great OPP performances every week andI feel that our employee engagement is still at an all time high." This is the first time since the formation of the section team leaders &supervisors have been brought together for the launch of the TNT Story.They have embraced the concept with enthusiasm and already startedto engage with their teams. 97% of the organisationhave now ordered theircollateral and have begunto tell their story. We now know that all depots willhave completed their meetings by28th March, which is anastounding roll out connectingnearly employees in 8 weeks 6000 UK Service Cloud "Frontline and Support" pilot went live at Lount (12 agents).This will improve our call handling time efficiencies Wide Area Network upgrade successfully completed at Manchester ContactCentre, which will improve Service Cloud and overall systems performance Productivity through IT Successfully kicked off the UK / DHOCentral Team joint RevenueManagement pilot. Priority Verticals Collaborative approach between KAM & SAM leading to a win withTetrosly at £1m PA with 95% Machinable Freight at 10% Margin (Automotive & Industrial) The CMD Slides have been cascaded throughout the business Comms
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