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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FAST The UK has been selected to be the pilotcountry for the central RevenueManagement intiative! Plans finalised with stakeholders for occupancyat both TNT House & Long Street post relocations. RevenueManagement The Updated Success Timeline has been metwith great admiration thanks to it keeping employees updated with Outlook progress.It is good to see our people recognise the changes the strategy is bringing to TNT UK. Outlook Successes Fix the Base Implementation of the RSLC at the LeicesterDepot has commenced. Culture & EVP "My Operations Managers cameback from the session in Readingwith a positive attitude, theapproach taken by the seniormanagement team was reallyappreciated and the guys reallydo feel a part of the journey." "We have begun the meetings withthe staff and introduced thestorytelling approach. I believe thepositivity of the management teamsof both sites has countenanced anynegative reaction. The initialresponse was one of caution butalso positivity." Our story tells of the need for greater accountability therefore it is important to report that over 85% ofLocations and departments have responded. Thereare a few locations that have already begun todeploy the story, initial feedback from these locations is very positive. Our story also says that our heroes are those thatwork together to fix things. There is significantevidence of cross functional collaboration instorytelling i.e. sales managers & depot managersare doing joint presentations. Perfect Basildon Depot achieved afantastic domestic OPP on Tuesday 97.55% Priority Verticals Gained commitment from Westco at per annum. This win wasgained through collaboration between KAM & SAM using the industryexpertise & trend analyse to gain the commitment to trade (Industrial) Gained commitment from ZF services at PA. (Automotive) £624k £364k Grow in SME Year to date we have generated of revenue at approximately margin. What is even more encouraging is that by this time lastyear we had only generated £57k on the new business tariffs so wehave doubled our rate of acquisition in TSM for the start of year. £126k 10%
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