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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Culture & EVP Evaluation has been completed for the engagement impact atboth Birmingham and Luton, which has shown a significantincrease in engagement. Birmingham Depot Luton Depot Pre-launch Post launch Birmingham has seen employeeoverall satisfaction jump from9% Positive, to 41% Positive! Luton's employee overallengagement increased from37% to 50% thanks to the Perfect Depot! Pre-launch Post launch TNT UK has successfully beenselected as the Global "Pilot" for Sales Cloud! Earlier deployment of thesolution within UK to assistin increasing activity andproductivity Enabling Successful delivery in UAT ofUK Service Cloud Sprint 7 Development Ensuring Final sign off from ICS on Strategic Telephony solution Creating A more robusttelephony solutionto reduce the riskfor frontline roll out Productivity through IT Improved consignment trackingfor agents using UK Service Cloud Grow in SME The WIM Project has successfully brought in extra Revenue of Fix the Base Results! Perfect Depot Progress Basildon Depot has seen increases of on Domestic OPP 0.61% & increases of on International OPP 0.75% Croydon Depot has seen increases of on Domestic OPP 1.02% & increases of on International OPP 2.23% £232,000! OverallSatisfaction OverallEngagement OverallSatisfaction OverallEngagement 8% 57% 35% 37% 34% 29% 50% 31% 19% 22% 63% 15% 47% 31% 22% 9% 55% 36% 41% 37% 23% 55% 28% 16% Chatter The 'Chatterverse' continues togrow, now totalling over 1200 USERS Priority Verticals Wins Celesio have committed an extra £750,000 PA! Yorkshire Building Society Contract creating £2.7m PA! including over 100+ from theOperations community We Love SMEs continues to fly at the start of 2015 with theTerritory Sales teams really starting to build momentum its great to see some of the 500+ contracts now starting to trade with 156 new customers trading in week four at £27k revenue with a margin of 10%. Lease for new LCY Depot has been signed off!
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