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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Grow in SME The Domestic Territory Sales results showed a 2.3% increase in November year on year thankslargely to a great performance in Special Services. If we can now repeat this in the core businesswe really will go from strength to strength in 2015. Blackdot Frontline workshops end today and the Learning and Development team are nowaccessing the Sales Enablement platform ready for 2015 launch to Sales Managers andFrontline. Invitations have been sent out for all of the Storytellers Roadshows have been sent. Outlook Successes Culture & EVP Fraser Eastwood & Simon Harpertook a visit to Don-Bur to see thefirst of the 92 People Networktrailers they are building for us,roll onto the production line. Fix the Base Revenue Management The new acquisition rate tariffs have been finalised and agreed ready for January 2015. Therehave been considerable changes that will enable TNT to be more closely aligned with thecompetition. For example, a reduction in the small parcel prices, where pricing researchindicated TNT was overpriced in this area. Additionally, the new rates offer Sales morechoices in the high spend levels structure to attract more customers with different profiles. The Cognos TM1 licence capex has been approved and purchased. This will enable us tocontinue to use the Cognos TM1 model to provide margin improvement reports to supportthe Revenue Management programme initiatives such as, the No Bleeders SAM/KAMmargin improvement project. To also provide margin reports that will support Sales withthe 4% margin improvement initiative. All of the teaser communications for the Storytellers piece have been sent out, which will buildup excitement to the official launch date; coaching for the Senior Management Team as part of the story have also commenced.
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