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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Planning permission has been approved for our South West project, with the schedule expected in the coming weeks.This is an essential step forward for the progression of this project. As a programme we have discovered cost saving opportunities withinLotus Notes. We have 1,422 licenses that are potentially no longer requiredor active. This will provide savings in excess of £70,000 PA and avoid £59,000of additional cost! Another great success for the programme, with special mentionsgoing to Sam Roberts, Andy Hofer-Villiers and Ashley Cavanagh for driving this initiative. Outlook Successes Outlook Successes Grow in SME OTO Fix the Base Following a challenging September in all sales channels thebest news of the week was the recovery the teams managedto achieve in October, especially in Territory Sales. Across theDomestic and SpS lines of business we recorded 1.4% growthin October year on year, which is testament to the hard workof both the Operational and Sales teams to get the UK businessback on track First Project Manager AssessmentCentre took place this week, allowing us to start to create apool of individuals that willhelp with the Outlook Transformation. Fit & Strong We are starting to build momentum on the Adhoc tarifffollowing changes made at the start of September. Onaverage in weeks 2-35 of 659 customers, revenue stoodat £66.5k. We have seen a dramatic increase withcustomers hitting a record 870 in week 42 and £82k ofrevenue in week 44 whilst still achieving a very healthyRPC. Free Trial Offer A BAU success that will support our programme is that we have received 10 new tractor units to add to our fleet! Week 47 saw 97 new customer bookings and 59 existingcustomer bookings taken. There have been 244 newcustomer bookings since week 42!
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