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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The current e-Commerce Revenue sits at after trading. Also, Revenue for Week 10 was vs £14K YoY, highlighting a variance of ! Fix the Base Impact Baseline Grow in SME Fit & Strong Productivity through IT Revenue Management Culture & EVP The major account (Staples) has now beensuccessfully migrated across to UK Service Cloud. This now means that Major Accountsgroups have been successfully transitionedto the new solution. ALL The NVM telephony solution was successfullydeployed to the front-line pilot team (15 agents). Improving their productivity and the customerexperience. This is possible as the accountwill be identified prior to agent interaction,reducing the call handling time. All new Customer Service agents will now betrained on UK Service Cloud instead of ourlegacy systems ie : Universe. This will alleviate confusion on having totrain CS Agents on two systems. Swindon's Steel FrameStructure taking shape! Our Perfect Depots continue to gain momentum withsome steady OPP gains across all sites! Basildon Domestic OPP Basildon International OPP Stansted Domestic OPP Stansted International OPP Croydon Domestic OPP Croydon International OPP 97.73% 98.30% 95.20% 98.20% 97.11% 98.22% (+2.18 vs baseline) (+2.05 vs baseline) (+2.80 vs baseline) (+2.92 vs baseline) (+1.86 vs baseline) (+2.88 vs baseline) In the first week of deploying local cubing, we have seen an enormous amount offocus and energy, with people championing this project up and down the country.With initial numbers looking promising, this initiative will ensure that the rightfreight for the right rate is going through our network, getting us back to our , , . Successes Sparkling Profitable Market-Leading best Write Offs Baseline 29,292 Sales Ledger Write Offs per year(based on Aug-Oct 2014) representing58,584 approval steps Change Implemented Introduce £5 approval level for Credit ControlClerks and £25 approval level for Credit ControlSupervisors (as of 15 Dec 2014) / Implement£4.20 system tolerance to automatically clear"small differences" in the Sales Ledger (SAPFSCM) (as of 17 Dec 2014) Impact 45% of all write offs either automaticallysystem approved, or reduced from twoto one manual approval steps. Reducednumber of approvals = more time forCredit Control team to chase debtrather than chase approvals. Chatter Milestone! On the TNT Story Chatter Group,we have reached over 100 users,with people sharing their personalstories on regular basis! The Hub Story was launched tothe LBO's this week, with initialfeedback highlighting that it hasbeen very positively received! £33K 11 Days Cumulative Revenue on Acquisition Rates vs £270K YoY with a 'Right Rate,Right Freight' margin of againsta target of 13%! £612K 15.5% Change Implemented Big Steps Forward Outlook 97.38% OPP for Week 10 is... Our best performance in 2 Years! 16.06% £17K Figures also show that around of registeredcustomers moved from the old site to the new one! 40%
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