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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BEATRICE ZIATY LIVED IN A SMALL COUNTRY THAT HAD STRICT RULES ABOUT GIRLS SO SHE COULD NOT SHOW OFF HER PERSONALLITY, OR PLAY SOCCER WITH THE OLDER GUYS When she graduated she went collage in the U.S. then after she graduated from collage she moved back to her country married and had two kids Then one day war broke out in her town her husband was murdered her and her children got away and made it to a refugee camps Out of all the refugees Beatrice was chosen at random to go to America to start a new life The first day she was there was almost as bad as her husband being murdered right in front of her One day she was thinking about her and her back story and thought to her self why not make a team of refugees with kind of the same background as her and give them something shenever got Outcast UnitedBy: Warren St. John The book Outcast United by Warren ST. John describes the story of a refugees life to change other refugees by coaching and teaching what she loves. She grew up in a small country that didn't show girls independence which she didn't like. Then she went to college in the U.S. and moved back had a family and two kids then war broke out and she became a refugee and was moved to the us to work then eventually make a team of refugees and coach them till 1st place. That's how Beatrice made it through her tough life. Summary:
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