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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tom & Emily Met at Country Fest (They wouldn't generally recommend it to others, but it seems to have worked out) SHE HIS was camping between Cousins College buddies They played games together It gotcompetitive He liked that FACEBOOK: helped bring them together He messaged her (a great detective)She gave her phone numberThey spoke for hours Without much of a Strategy, they gave long-distance dating a shot Tim visited Emily in Kenosha Emily visited Tom in Roberts Emily studied in Guatemala: Thanks again, Facebook SHE HE Graduated!Took a teaching job in Shell Lake Went to work at the farm Moved back to Durand 2012: She took a job in Eau Claire and they moved in together Tom says: it was tiny Emily says: it was cute (and affordable!) Interesting finds when living together:*A full-size bed is not long enough*Cherry Berry in the backyard is dangerous*Middle schoolers and cows are similar during a full moon*A new microwave can change everything*A WII may not always be more fun than a Super Nintendo, but it certainly works better!*You can learn a lot about your neighbors in an old building*There are some things about your neighbors you'd rather not know June, 2013: They moved to Durand "Up the mountain" from the Prissels*Lots of work to do! FINALLY: After much hinting... HE PROPOSED Today, July 11, 2015, They become husband and wife June, 2009: July, 2009: Their first date 2009-2011 January, 2010 September, 2011 September 26, 2014 Tom officially asked Emily to "go out"
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