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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] C B A 2 1 3 Our Data Questions: Does it matter how close the magnets are to the armature? Answers: Does it matter which poles of the magnets face the armature? Experiment to find as many ways as possible to make the motor turn slowly. Record what you do Made By: Alyssa Pagan and Kyle Steinfeld D 4 Find ways to make the motor change direction. List all the ways you can find Reflecting questions: 1 2 3 What did I learnabout motors? Describewhat you did to change the speed and direction. What kind of work do you think a motor like the one you used could do? Describe a way you could use kind of small electric motor to do some work for you. Read Car Motors on the next page. Think of another system that uses multiple motors. Write a description of what the different motors do Yes because if you put it too close to the armature the magnets will attach. Yes because north and south have to be attracted. Moving the magnets in different positionsto make the armature move. changing the positiveand negative currents. I learned that to changethe speed we added a battery. To change the direction we changedthe positive and negativecurrents. 5 6 7 An electric sharpener would use the sametype of motor. A rollercoaster usesmultiple motors. Allof the different motorsin the rollercoaster canstart different things to make it move.
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