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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1996 *resources Our History 2003 Andrew RosenKaplan chief exec officerin 2008 Kaplan further expandsits international presence when it acquiresThe Financial Training Company(Kaplan Financial) in the UK and Asia and Dublin Business School in Ireland Jonathan Grayeris appointed Kaplan's ChiefExecutive Officer Kaplan is acquiredby The WashingtonPost Company 2005 Over the next five years, Kaplan makes a series of major acquisitions in the K-12,professional training,and higher education sectors Kaplan expands its offeringsin Singapore to meet the demand for professionaland postgraduate education Stanley H. Kaplan (age 90), passes away on August 23, 2009. 2009 Kaplan becomesone of the world'slargest providers of academic English programswith the acquisition of Aspect,based in London, and expands its financial and real estate training business o Australia.The Kaplan EducationalFoundation is launched,our largest philanthropiceffort to date. The WashingtonPost Companyofficially declares itself an "education andmedia company"to reflect the rise ofKaplan within the company.In response to great demand for Western-style education in China,Kaplan introduces pre-universityfoundation programs and degrees from Western universitiesin several Chinese cities. 2007 After 17 years at Kaplan,Jonathan Grayer resigns and Andy Rosen isappointed Kaplan, Inc's newChairman and CEO.As CEO of Kaplan Higher Education,Rosen redefined the higher ed landscape, bringing online and campus learning opportunitiesto working adults. Kaplan partners with Learning Technology Company Squla to provide game-based learning programs for U.S. elementary school children. 2014 1938 1970 1984 1994 Stanley H. Kaplanstarts tutoring studentsin the basement of hisparents' home in Brooklyn,NY, thus founding Kaplan. Kaplan expandsacross the U.S. and opens over 100 test centersnationwide 2006 Throughout our 76-year history, we have helped students unlock their talent by providing student-centered, outcomes-driven educational programs that helpindividuals reach their goals. We have:1) Nearly 400 locations in nearly 25 countries2) More than one million students each year3) 21,000+ employees worldwide Grew English language/pathwaysbusiness with acquisition of Aspect now Kaplan International Colleges. 2006 2008 2011 Broadened international presence withacquisitions of Structuralia in Spain and CarrickEducation & Franklyn Scholar in Australia.
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