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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Crimean War1853-1856 Ottoman Empire 1800-1913 The Russo Turkish war damaged the Ottomanempire in the battle of Balkham Peninsula, leaving the empire with a strong hold on Macedonia and the albanian lands. The Albanians feared their land would be divided among other lands, this fueled the Albaniannationalism. The Balkan Wars1912-1913 Russo-Turkish War1877-1878 Motivation All three wars lead the Ottoman Empire tolose power and for nationalism to becomepossible. The three seperate wars took awaylots of power and land from the Ottoman Empire.With all the wars occuring, it made it impossible for the Ottoman Empire to have enough moneyand a big enough army to fight all three countries.In all three of the wars the opposing side won and forced the Ottoman Empire into decline, which wasthe primary reason Nationalism was made possible.Other factors included how the Ottoman lands weremade up of people from many different cultures and spoke many different languages. This caused them tonot be able to unite together as one, and the desire forseparation sparked many revolutions. Founded in 1299, the Empire expandedsignificantly through the ages, and fendedoff many invaders and suppressed manyrebellions, untill it was finally dissolvedin 1919, where it became Turkey. History of the Ottoman Empire Different groups in the Balkan regionwanted their independence from the Ottoman. Russia wanted to claim thoseterritories to use for acess to theMediterranean sea, so they allied withthe Balkans. Great Britain and Francedidn't want Russia to gain this land, so they allied with the Ottoman. The Ottoman ended up losing the war and a majority of their lands to the revolting territories. Sources:History of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, Volume 1, By Stanford Jay Shaw, Ezel Kural Shaw, pg. 13Kinross 1979, p. 206. In this war, Russia lost to France, Britain, and the Ottoman Empire. The effect gaveChristians minorities power in the HolyLand. In the long term by giving theseminorities power and more control, the Ottoman Empire lost complete controland eventual power over these groups. Alsoall the wars they had on their own landcost the Ottoman Empire lots of money andwas the first big cause in the decline of the Empire.
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