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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Need to Belong- Psychological Effects of Ostracism Ostracism is theorized to occur in three 'stages' Stage One:Immediate- When the rejected person feels the pain from thisostracism, the same part of thebrain that registers physicalharm triggers. Stage TwoCoping- Person strives to raise inclusion status, either throughcooperation or conforming to the society around them inorder to fit in. * Effects of all stages- Depression, lowering self-esteem, desperation, and helplessness.Some people resort to violence to gain attentionof their peers. Stage ThreeResignation- Persongives up on coping,finding it a lost cause. This occasionally endsin violence and suicide. This method datesback all the wayto Ancient Greece Ostracism is defined asexclusion, by generalconsent, from socialacceptance, privileges,friendship, etc. A study conductedby professor Kipling D. Williams shows thateven two to three minutes of ostracismhad lasting negativeeffects. * Purdue University. (2011, June 6). Pain ofostracism can be deep, long-lasting. ScienceDaily. Retrieved January 13, 2015 from * A 2003 study shows that 13 out of 15 school shooting perpetratorswere ostracized by society at somepoint in their lifetime. * Williams, K. (2011, April 27). Ostracism hurts-but how? Sheddinglight on a silent, invisibleabuse. Retrieved January 13, 2015, from
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