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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Over the 86 years of the Academy Award's history, many people have deservedthanks. This constellation illustratesthe actors, directors, filmmakers and deities who have receivedthe most of it. Who gets the most thanks? 2015 Oscars Steven Spielberg (42) Director and Producer of E.T., Indiana Jones and many more award winning films. Harvey Weinstein (34) James Cameron (28) George Lucas (23) Peter Jackson (22) God (19) Fran Walsh (18) Sheila Nevins (17) Francis Ford Coppola (16) Barrie M. Osbourne (16) American Film Producer and Studio Head of Miramax Films. Director of Oscar winning films such as Avatar and Titanic. Director of Oscar winning films such as the Star Wars Franchise. Director and actor in the most awarded (and best) filmsin history, The Lord of the Rings. Creator of all things according to many religions. Possible none of the other recipients would exist without said deity. She is a writer and producer,known for The Lord of the Rings. American television producer and the President of HBO Documentary Films. American film director,producer and screenwriter. He is a producer and production manager, known for The Lord of the Rings. While Steven Spielberg is the most thanked person in the film industry, with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Barrie Osbourne and no doubt Godinvolved in the project, the Lord of the Rings is responsible for generating the most applause at the Academy Awards. This comes as no surprise as the trilogy won 17 Oscars between the three movies.
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