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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Orthopaedics/Engineering Larry Mahan Appliances 1.Ledford high school. Cleveland County Community College. 2. His first job was a grocery store stocker at Harris teeter. He now runs a buisness company with Appliances. 3. He was first just an appliance repairmen in the company and then inherited the company. 4.He owned the job by training with his grandfather. 5.No, he did not go to school for this and he gained knowledge on welding on refrigerators. 6. He works atleast10 hours a day 50-60 hours a week. 7.50 dollars for per service call. 8. Self managed no additional benefits. 9.Family owned and operated business. 10.Good personally because working with public, organizational skills have to have a plan for the day, good stamina to be able to lift stuff. 11.Math is the main academic skill needed. 12.Technology skills, Collaboration making a plan for the day, ability to communicate with others. 16.Dealing with the public is the most difficult part of the job. 15.The most rewarding part is satisfaction from helping other people. 14.This job was chosen because of family.Larry also wanted to be apart of the military. He has not been involved in any other career. 13.This job does have a future it has been in business for 20 years. This job is not being outsourced, there is always a need for appliances. The business is growing now because of Lowe's hardware contract. 17.Being self-employed is hard, but it is good to be your own boss. 18.In high school he could have studied harder. 19. An average day is: Income service repairs, plan the day for his employee to run his store, sells appliances and fixes them. 20.Dryer is the easiest thing to work on because it does not have that many parts. Crickett Hayes
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