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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Agriculture- the production of plants, farm animals and chickens Pesticides- a substance used for killing insects GMOs- genetically modified organisms Antibiotics- is used to kill bacteria Organic food can be bad because it can cost to much Organic food is good because it is grown all natural. It doesn't use any GMO's, fertilizers or pesticides. Organic farming is good because it lets you see how both animals and farmers can help grow crops Organic food would cost 10% more from the average price (Greeno, Davis, ND) Organic food can be good and bad because when farmers use chemicals it duplicates how much food is grown, and that's good but its bad because they are using chemicals Land is more fertile than it was before, because of what the farmers have done and what the animals have done (The Health Journal, 2014) Organic farmers don't use toxic persistent pesticides or GMOs (Stonyfield, 2013) Vocabulary: When it comes to Organic Food, it's important for you to know a few things. First, that organic food is not grown with any harmful chemicals. Also, that animals help on the farm just like the farmers. However, organic food can be a bit pricey. Remember that there are pros and cons for organic food. So you decide: Organic Food: Good or bad? Organic Food: Good or bad? Organic food can be bad because, it doesn't make you lose weight or be healthier Studies were done with organic milk, meats, eggs, and produce to non-organic foods, they found out that organic foods don't have more vitamins or nutrients than non-organic food.(Goodman, 2012)
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