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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Optics What to expect How it is done Qualifacations Applications Cureent problems By Justin M 1 4 2 5 Well optics is one of the many branches of physics out there. Optics involves the behavior of light, more specifically,optics describes the behavior of visible, ultraviolet and infrared light. 3 In order to obtain a PH.D in optical science one must complete high school and obtain your certificate. You then must obtain your bachelors and masters in optical science. After obtaining your masters certificate you then have to pass a qualifying exam, a comprehensive exam, a dissertation proposal and an oral defense exam.You also must be able to complete this within 5 years of applying for your PH.D. (may be different for certain universities). You may not realize it but optics is the backbone to many of our modern day technologies. Without optics we wouldn't have the internet or the telephone. People with poor eyesight would also be at a disadvantage as optics has help us with the creation of glasses and contact lenses. The most obvious invention coming out of optics being the camera The work in this area of physics is carried out to governmental and industrial facilities. They use the research given to help improve a diverse field of work including medical and engineering. There are many tools used when dealing with optics but the main instrument used are lasers. Some of the main problems that are being faced in today's world of work involving optics is can molecules be cooled down by laser cooling, and What's the momentum of photons in optical media. You can help solve these questions by taking a step in the right direction and joining a career in optics NOW!
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