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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Teaching a Robot to Love:Some Factoids about Online DatingAnd Romance overall Most people have at least heard of some sort of online dating site. These programs have createda multi-million dollar industry, whether asking for paid subscriptionslike most web pagesor by selling advertisement spacelike many social apps Dating services don't release very much information on how they really work.The algorithms that run behind the scenes are hidden from users eventhough several of the more reputable sites claim to havescientific proof their algorithm results in 'love'* *Not to discount the validity nor possibility of love, justsome broad cynicism on our societies want for chemical imbalances in the brain to be true or otherwise Another myth about love and things concerned. Chivalry does NOT have any rules about conduct towards women. Arthurian Legend distorts our view of this. Chivalry was mostly just a religious code actually, with more rules concerning Godthan people in general. - What is thought of to be the real codeof chivalry comes from Leon Gautier's work wherehe took what he thought was the actual ancient code of chivalry before the Arthur legends took off. If you look into your user terms and agreements,you will find that most dating sites want to connect to any other social media sites you use. Which makes sense, but the apps on your phone can do it without having to ask for your permission, or you agree to giving them access when you make an account. Most sites claim to have a high marriage rate, or at least a high match rate, but the statistics are not regulated by the American Medical Association like they should be. The studies are most likely performed by people who workfor the site, and would obviously generate positiveresults.
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