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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. Shop ___/ Main Street:name of sections of store.2. Rading: Organizing area byfolding, hanging, and organizing merchandise.3. Go-Backs: putting merchan-dice back on sales floor.4. Size run: call from fitting room to get clothesfor customer.5. Back-up: call from registerfor another cashier. 6. Process: folding or hanging close and sortingmerchandise according toshop location.7. Service Statement: phraseused when it appears costumer has or will shop-lift. People and Howto Identify Them Basics of Working at OLD NAVY What You Need to Know JANE You're in the service industry, PEOPLE are your job. & CUSTOMERS: CO-WORKERS: 1. Name Tag2. Smile3. Walki 4. Clean presentable clothes5. Confidant posture 2 3 A & B 1 ERMS T S You Don't Even Realise What you do and other things you learn. The NEW You "Fake it till you make it!" CONFIDENCE DRESS NICER Head Held High APROACHABLE NEW SKILLS improved NEW FRIENDS MEMORY & Communication Skills Team Player - Voice goes a little higher- Stand straighter- Quickly scan area - Notice body and facial queses - Memorize merchandise placement quickly "Hello, welcome toOld Navy! Can Ihelp you withanything?" A. Everyone who walks into your storeB. Clothing variesC. Can look confused of frazzledD. Looking at merchandiseE. May be holding bag ?? C D OLD NAVY Sales Floor/ Fitting Room 4 & 5 E Optomizing your time so you can sell more! PECIAL By: Old Navy Employee, Nicole Delatorre "I noticed you were looking at ___.Just so you know we ___" Hello! I noticed you looking at (Item taken)we have _____ that would go great with it. Do NOT be scared to ask ANY questions! WE are all here for YOU!
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