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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IL INFOGRAPHIC Saudi Arabia is number two in Crude Oil production with 9,570,020 barrels/day Saudi Arabia creates 11.28% of the worlds Crude Oil USA comes after Saudi Arabia with 9,023,000 barrels/dayUSA creates 10.47% of the worlds Crude Oil Small Producers:Panama produces 2 barrels/day Russia produces the most Crude Oil in the world with 10,730,000 barrels/day. Russia creates 12.65% of the worlds Crude Oil Canada comes 6th with 3,569,000 barrels/dayProducing 3.90% Crude Oil Saudi Arabia comes top 10 when it comes to the world's poverty rate. Saudi Arabia had of their population in poverty and 30% citizens going from paycheck to paycheck Rich Nati n. 12.7 % Within Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco is by the biggest energy company in the world. Generating more than a day in revenues. $1 Billion The location of the company is sitting on more than 15 Billion barrels of oil in the Rub al-Khali desert Large shareholder's, company founders and owners; not to mention the secret fund cuts the government is taking are making some individuals rich beyond their dreams. "The elite don't see the suffering of the poor. People are hungry." Poor Peop e. The government seems to acknowledge the increase in poverty rate however, the world of the Saudi poor is largly from the public eye Despite the attempts to recover the nationpoverty and anger over corruption continue to grow. Vast sums of money end up in the pockets of the royal familythrough a , and contracts, Many poor Saudi families are leaded by women who are either widowed, divorced or have a husband who cannot work because of nearly is the unemployment rate hidden web of nepotism corruption "cozy" government 10.5% Crude Oil prices have been on the rise! EIA provides the average annual price for a barrel of WTI Crude Oil In year 2000 a barrel was $30.38Currently, year 2013 the same quantityof oil is up to $91.91 High crude oil prices directly affect the cost of gasoline, home heating oil manufacturing and electric power generations.
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