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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kenya Oils effect on Environment Kenya Oils effect on Environment The Oil companies are mining the hills they're striping the land making the land ideal for their companies to mine for oil They cut down forest the animals of the land are without homes without food. The government is miningaway their lands for moneyyet the people of the land are living off of emergency water and other supplies that are given out duringnatural disasters yet africas disaster is not natural its entirely man made and africa is not ready for the oil industry-Eva Constantaras author of environment impact of oil drilling a mystery to citizens and civil society people are beginning to worry of the environmental impact because the realize the devastation the land is receiving from these oil companies There are a lot of things they do to get oil they mine away hills and mountains they cut down forests they have had oil leaks into the ocean many more-Prof Jumba Isaac Author of Environmental assesment "We are environmentally "safe" we observe the surrounding habitats"-According to Phumulele Mbiyo Phumulele-!/loc=2.3806171999999974,35.64977699999999,17
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