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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Legislative branch-132 Members Executive branch-6 Members Judicial branch Ohio Senate Gender Ohio Statehouse Governor's mansion Ohio House Gender GovernorJohn Kasich LieutenantGovernorMary Taylor Secretary of StateJohn Husted Ohio AuditorDave Yost State TreasurerJosh Mandel Ohio AttorneyGeneralMike DeWine Duties: * Pass Laws* Mechanics of State Duties: Duties: * Trial People* Interpret Law * Represent Voters* Make Laws* Create Bills The Executive Branchalso includes many smaller departments. 99 Members 33 Members Speaker of the HouseClifford Rosenberger Our RepresentativeStephanie Kunze Senate PresidentKeith Faber Our Senator Jim Hughes Ohio Supreme Court-7 JusticesOhio Appeals CourtOhio Courts of Common Pleas Ohio Supreme Court Ohio Chief JusticeMaureen O'Connor Constitutional Principles Seperation of Powers Separation of Powerswas establishedto make sure that noone person has allthe power. The solutionwere the 3 brancheswe have today: Federal,Executive and Judicial. Popular Sovereigntyis when people havethe power. Popular Sovereignty Representatives Governmentis when the people can electrepresentaives to representwhat they want. Representative Government Ohio's Government How does Ohio's government balance freedom with order? Ohio's Government balances freedom with order by letting people have say in government (popular sovereignty)and having a representative government so that the people can elect representatives to do what is best for thepeople. Ohio's government has also made some laws that insure that citizens are safe and if someone doessomething that is against the law, that person has to go to a Trial court, but if he or she is not satisfied with theanswer made by this court, they can appeal the case to an appeals court and see if they change the answer.Citizens also have freedom of speech, press and assembly. This is a privilege that not all countries have and with this,important government people can hear whether the citizens like what they are doing or not. This may not be thenicest way of telling government officials what their opinion is about an issue, but it is better than not saying anythingor by showing that you don't agree with the official by killing him or her. Saying your opinion or protesting is not illegalin Ohio and this is a Freedom that citizens in the US get.
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