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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LEGISLATIVE EXECUTIVE JUDICIAL The Governor of Ohio is John Kasichas Governor he has many jobs including enforcing laws and vetoing lawsthat are unconstitutional or he does not agree with. The Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court is Maureen O'Connor. The Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Court of Common Pleas decide if a law was broken and they also protect are rights. The Ohio State Government. The Ohio Judicial Branch includes 3 branches:The Supreme Court that handles appeals from the lower courts. There are 7 justices.The Court of Appeals hears appeals from the Court of Common Pleas. There are 12 in the stateThe Court of Common Pleas handles general divisions, domestic cases, probation and juvenile cases. Lieutenant Governor Mary TaylorSecond in power. Like the Vice President. Attorney General Mike DeWineHe is the chief legal officer in the state of Ohio State Auditor Dave YostHe is responible for auditing all public offices in Ohio Secretary of the State John HustedHe oversees the elections in Ohio, registers businesses, gives authorityto business to serve in our state State Treasurer Josh Mandel.He collects and guards taxes, and manages state investments. The Executive branch has 7 branches including: Speaker of the House President of the Senate These two branches House of Reps. and the Senateform a body called the general assembly. The House of Reps.listens to the concerns of the people and amends the constitution. The Senate raises taxes and proposes laws. Senate33 Members House of Reps.99 Members Representitive Government is in our state. I knowthis because we have representitives who we elect.These representitives listen to our concerns and make decisions based on it. Limited Government is in our state. You can tellbecause police must have a warrant to search our property.Also the government can't stop us from peacefully protesting. Seperation of Power is in our state. From the infograph aboveyou can see all the different bodies and branches of our govt.This limits the power so no one can be too powerful. Government balances my personal freedoms in my state using rules from the constitution to provideorder .One of them being Limited Government. For example police cannot search my property or home without a warrant. This protects my freedoms and keeps cops under control. Also I have right to a trial beforesentenced with a crime. This allows me to get a proper defence instead of being unfairly convicted of something I shouldn't be. From the evidence shown in my paragraph you can see that the Constitution protects my freedomswith order. Links/Cites: Images
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