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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Review's it the way the previous trial and case were ran correctly. If the person being charged loses they go to the final level. The Supreme court. Ohio Government Legislative Green: Senate Members (33)Red: House Members (99) House/ Senate Represents the people in it's area ideas on laws Creates new law and decides on new ones. or HouseMale: Red (72)Female:Green(27) Senate:Male Red (25)Female: Green (8) Making a Law Maze Senate and House approve and It goes to the Governor The Governor approves The Governor Veto's It's a Law The house and senate overthrow the governors veto Judical Judical latter Supreme Court (1) Courts of Appeal(12) Courts of common pleas (88) Solves smaller cases and could be the beginning for bigger ones. If the person being charged loses they go to the Court of Appeals. The highest final level where what happens here is permanent. The Big 5 1: The Ohio GovernorRole:The citizen who is the main person in charge of running the state. Current One: John Kasich Attorney General Role: Chief lawyer of the Ohio government.Currint One: Mike Dewine Auditor of stateRole: Reviews responsibilities for units. Current One: Dave Yost Secretary of StateRole: Responsible for overseeing elections in the state of Ohio.Current One: Jon Husted TreasurerRole: Main Person in charge of running the budget. Current One: Josh Mandel 1
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