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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sources: Washington Monument Although it looks nothing like him, this monument was made to honorGeorge Washington.The origional designfor the project included a statue of him, but they didn't build the whole design. The origional design includes a roman-like temple and a series of statues. 555 feet tall (and 5 1/8 of an inch).Weighed 90,854 tons. By law, no other building is allowed to be taller thanthe Washington Monument They held a design entry contestfor the Washington Monument. After considering the entries, Robert Mills' design won the contest. -The bottom 1/3 of the monumentis a slightly different color thanthe top 2/3. This is because of thedrop-off of funding in 1860.When they began building again, the older blocks and the newer blocks were distinctive.-Blocks for the monument weregiving from the fifty states, and even one from the pope This monument was fundedby donations, some from otherstates. They lost funding in1854, but it started back up in1876. The time between the idea for a monument and thebuilding of the monument is quite vast. The Idea tohonor George Washington started in 1845, and it was not opened to the public until 2011. This timeline shows the building stages it took to completely finish the monument, from the idea to the public opening. The Idea The Design The overall cost of this monument was $1,187,710 Funding Cost Time Size Fun Facts 1845 - Idea for a monument1860 - Funds dropped off and construction stopped for a period of time1884 - Continued building and finished it almost completely1959 - Finishing factors were added2011 - Monument was opened to the public
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