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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1-Rated Calls - Rep did not provide an "as of" date when quoting 3- and 5-year performance information. - Rep stated that a distribution from the caller's Roth IRA would be a premature distribution and assessed a penalty versus that the penalty would only apply to earnings. - Rep stated that to generate a net distribution of $2,000, she would need to process a gross distribution of $2,247.19. The correct amount should have been $2,395.21. - Rep said that she would withhold the minimum state amount for CA, but did not explain that thatamount is 10% of the federal withholding taken. - Caller asked to update the city name to New Fairfield and twice explained that the city name has 2 words. The shareholder accounting system indicates that the city was updated to Newfairfield. - Caller inquired about the tracking number of a check for a distribution that was processed on 10/8/14. The Rep stated that the tracking # would be available around 3 pm on 10/9/14, which would be around the same time the check would be delivered vs. that the check would be delivered on 10/10/14. - Rep stated that some accounts had balances that were higher than others, and the caller stated that she did not have that information in front of her. The Rep did not offer to provide the account balances.- Rep did not control the pace (hold lasting over 5 minutes.) -Rep stated that SIPC insurance "kicks on" if any fraud takes place and also insures the shareholder in the case of any theft or in the case of bankruptcy of the company versus that SIPC insurance wouldnot apply to direct investors in open-end mutual funds.
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