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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Major Economic Differerence: Cahokia in North America 3 / Oceania was extremely isolated meaningContact was limited towithin regionex: Northern Australiaand New Guinea Trade Oceania Economic Difference: Major Political Difference is 1 Ruling Chiefs Oceania is hard to centralize andNew World had a centralized government Gabrielle Richardson New World used slash and burn agriculture and the results were they had to move frequently and land didn't last THE OceaniaPolitical difference:Northern Australiais its own region 3 Similarity:New Zealand (Oceania) andIncas had government officialsrule one of four provinces New WorldPolitical difference:Incas and AztecsCentralized Limitations Structure similarity: New WorldEcon. Difference Major Political N o New Worldand Oceania: OF THE Economic DevelopmentSimilarity 1 Agricultural economics Trade networkdevelops 1 Semi-sedentarycivilizationsemerge forNew World Development ofPacific Island Societies in Oceania Examples ofPolitical Structures Oceania and New World New Zealandintroduced to Sweet potato equalspopulation increase Similarity:Islands built complex agriculture in Oceaniaand New World New World and Oceaniawere underdevelopedin technology they didn't have:ironwork wheel or domesticated animalsmaking them behind in developmentcompared to the rest of the world they had no formal written languagemeaning that there were no recordings of their livesand they didn't have a wayof obtaining knowledge ex: Mayan civilization
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