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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Oceania and the New World Both had specialization of labor and developed an artisan class as hunting for food became less necessary. The Aztec and Mayan had such classes as well as the Maori people. Oceania could never centralize because it is a made up of disconnected islands. This geographic barrier caused Oceania to be ruled by regional chiefs. The Maori people were ruled in this way. The Americas transitioned from nomadic communities to a confederation of city-states to finally, large centralized empires such as the Aztecs and Incas which are ruled by a monarch. A Political Contrast Between the New World and Oceania Both the New World and Oceania had agricultural societies. They also participated in local trade. The Toltec people were well known for their tradeand trade occurred between North Australia and New Guinea as well. Limitations Unlike the Americas, Australia failed to develop farming and, until fairly recently, it remained hunting and gathering. Economics One limitation Oceania had that the New World did not was geography. The Americas are connected so the only problems they had was the fact that different locations were on different lines of latitude so the ability to farm changed. They were able to form large centralized empires. Oceania is not connected at all. This made centralization nearly impossible and resulted in the development of many regional people such as the Maori people. The types of agriculture varies between the two locations. For example, the population of New Zealand relied heavily on sweet potatoes.The Cahokia in North American, on the other hand, farmed squash, sunflowers, and artichokes. Because of their isolation, the Americas and Oceania lacked important technologies of the rest of the world including knowledge of the wheel anddomesticated animals. These societies could not transport large supplies and transportation was slower without the wheel. Also, neither area had animals large enough to domesticate; this meant all manual labor had to be done by the people and caused them to not have useful technologies such as the plow.
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