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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard Marriott RewardsPremier Credit Card double click to change this header text! OBSERVATION Using a questionnaire or interview does not allow for you to really understand the business. With an observation it allows for us to see how the business works and understand the different processes within the business as well as look at what different roles are held within the business and how they are carried out. The aim of using an observation is to: See how tasks are completed, How long they take to do, Any delays encountered, Any persistent problems with the current system and How data is entered. The 2 methods of Observation Direct. So for example sitting next to a user and viewing how there work is done. This can be an advantage because you can then ask the user questions to gather more knowledge. Adisadvantage of this can be that you can make the user uncomfortable by being next to them. Also they could act differently since you are observing them always. Indirect.If you have permission from the user or users and also the company you can use remotecameras to view how users work at any given time without them knowing. This can be an advantage since they will not be put off and will now work in a particular way since they do not know when they are watching them. The only downside is that it can be costly to put up remote cameras. Advantages of observations- Useful if there are no documents involved the system.- Can spot inefficiencies in the system .- Can help identify persistent problems.- Analyst can rapidly understand first-hand what the system needs to do.- Users can impart their experience of the system directly.- Helps measure how long things take to do. Disadvantages of observations- People don't like being watched.- People may be following the process to the letter rather than day-to-day practice.- Take up a lot of time.- Analyst may be in the way on a busy day.- Not so efficient at capturing quantitative data for analysis.- There may be 'good days' and 'bad days' with the system which one observation does not capture.
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