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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Praseodymium m Collection Of Flat Icon, Symbols And Glyph Icons Cerium Yttrium Stockholm, Sweden Phone Circuitry,Speakers,And the Vibration Unit Found in Ytterby, Sweden It's Mined! China Renewable Sand Non-Renewable Glass Polishing,Color Screen,And Phone Circuitry Lanthanum India, Brazil,and The USA Objects in IPhones the many the many of types Glass Polishing Austria Element Neodymium Coltan Comes froma Mineral Resources: Congo, Africa Silicon Wafers Charging Capabilities Electronic Panels Color Screen Glass Polishing,Color Screen,And Speakers It's gotten from a desert Object Mineral Recycle Your Old Phone! VS Renewable Nonrenewable What's the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources? It's not thathard to distinguish the differences. Renewableresources can be recreated, like wood, becausethere is a method of recreating them. In the example of a tree, it is a renewable resourcebecause it can be recreated through plantinga seed. A nonrenewable resource cannot be reproduced. A mineral, such as gold, cannotbe reproduced, so it is nonrenewable. If weuse all of our nonrenewable resources and don't recycle, there will be no more resourcesto make any more IPhones! What happens to a phone when it isno longer wanted? It could be refurbishedand sold again, or simply be broken downand salvaged for parts. In a worst case scenario, a criminal could go to the dump,find your old phone, and get all of yourpersonal information if you don't clearyour phone! Pros Cons -You can make aprofit-You can reusenonrenewableresources -Thieves can getpersonal info-Toxic waste can contaminate waterand earth Pros and Cons to Recycling Phones Why do I need to know this? You're probably wondering,"Why do I need to know this?" It's pretty simple, actually!IPhones have valuable nonrenewable resources in them, such as gold, so we need to be able to keep all of our resources readily available for the high demand of today'sIPhone market. We don't have an unlimited amount of anything, so we need to be careful with our resources. There are also many toxic elements in an IPhone, so don't just throw it away. Recycle!
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